Likutei Sichos vol. 9 p. 184 ff. Nitzavim classes

Shabbos Mivorchim Tishrei Hashem blesses with the power of Yidden[s Krias HaTorah:] Atem Nitzavim.

On Shabbos Mivorchim Tishrei Hashem blesses with the power of Yidden[s Krias HaTorah:] Atem Nitzavim.

Class One: 1) Introduction. 2) Issue of Kidush and Birchas HaChodesh. 3) Hashem blesses Tishrei with Atem Nitzavim. Page 184 (ch. 1).

Class Two: 1) Question: why does Hashem bless with our Torah reading? [2)Digression about Tekiyos by the Rebbe]. Page 184.

Class Three: Attempted answer: The year is connected to Tishrei and the months to Nissan. But the year consists of months, thus the Baal Shem Tov said Tishrei is the first month in as much as the year is concerned. Page 184-5.

Class Four: cont. Questions. 1) on the Baal Shem Tov's language calling Tishrei the first month, 2) Tishrei is Teshuva time (for us to give) not for Him to bless? Page 185-6.

Class Five: Nigla source for the Kisuy of Rosh Hashana being more than the others and therefore blessed by Him. Page 186.

Class Six: Nigla source for Hashem's blessing giving Koach, from the (Midrash that says) Hashem was Mikadesh all the Months from creation until Yidden took Him over. Page 186-7.

Class Seven: There has to be some connection between the idea of Birchas HaChodesh which we do now and the ancient Kidush HaChodesh done by Hashem. Page 187-8.

Class Eight: 1) Discussion about the two ideas of Kidush and Birchas (HaChodesh). They are philosophically opposites. Yet they exist together. 2) Nigla basis for the difference between Tishrei and other Roshei Chodoshim. Rosh HaShana is not (always) a safeik, but two days that are one. Page 188-9.

Class Nine: This class explains how Nigla reflects the difference between Rosh HaShana and other Roshei Chodesh discussed earlier in the Sicha. It was determined by the fact that Lima'ala it could be Rosh HaShana! [Page 188-9].

Class Ten: Though Rosh Hashana is different -that Hashem fixes it (Since on high it could be Rosh Hashana) still it belongs to Beis Din. The first day (in the times of Beis Din) is Elul and not Tishrei. Page 189.

Class Eleven: The contradiction inherent in us crowning Hashem as our King. Page 189.

Class Twelve: Free Will is about freedom, both we and Hashem have the same free will when it comes to His being crowned our King.

Class Thirteen: 1) The two aspects of A. having a relationship altogether and B. the terms of the relationship. 2) The difference between 25 Elul and Rosh Hashana whether our influence is theoretical or actual. Page 190.

Class Fourteen: Conclusion. In what way is 1 Tishrei still the first of the first month. On 25 Elul, all is only in potentia.


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