Likutei Sichos learned at length classes

Likutei Sichos learned at length. This section will include whole Sichos studied inside (usually at Machon Chana but occasionally from Beis Midrash Linashim 770). These classes are text based and can be followed inside.

Category Title Description
Likutei Sichos Vol. 1 P. 85 Ff. Dreams And Golus.
Likutei Sichos Vol. 2 P. 471 Ff. 19 Kislev
Likutei Sichos Vol. 3 P. 819 Ff. Golus And Dreams.
Likutei Sichos Vol. 5 P. 189 Ff. Hidden.This series of classes is based on a Yiddish Sicha. All the Yiddish is clearly translated in the class. Why is Hashem's name never mentioned in the Megilla? What is unusual about the miracle and celebration of Purim? Each one of these classes is self-contained and can be listened to individually.
Likutei Sichos Vol. 7 Page 48 Ff. Pesach On Shabbos.Pesach on Shabbos. Since Shabbos doesn't replace Pesach's light, one simply won't carry on Shabbos!
Likutei Sichos Vol. 9 P. 184 Ff. NitzavimShabbos Mivorchim Tishrei Hashem blesses with the power of Yidden[s Krias HaTorah:] Atem Nitzavim.
Likutei Sichos Vol. 10 P. 88 Ff.
Likutei Sichos Vol 13 Pg. 85
Likutei Sichos Vol. 15 P. 75 Ff.Why the life and times of Avrohom (and the Avos in general) is relevant to us.Given at Machon Chana in 5771 (2010).
Likutei Sichos Vol. 15 P. 75 Ff. Pre And Post Mattan Torah- The Lesson.Why the life and times of Avrohom (and the Avos in general) is relevant to us.Given at Machon Chana in 5772 (2011).
Likutei Sichos Vol. 16 P. 139 Ff.10 Shvat. Lessons of the Rebbe RaYatz, based on the basi Ligani. What practical messages does it leave?
Likutei Sichos Vol. 17 Page 71 Ff.The three names of Pesach, one theme three stages.
Likutei Sichos Vol. 18 P. 187 Ff. KorachHow to reconcile the lofty and the simple p'shatim in the story of Korach.
Likutei Sichos Vol. 18 P. 271 Ff
Likutei Sichos Vol. 19 P. 291 Ff. Chana.Ths story of Chana is read on Rosh Hashana because it has a lesson for US: How to Daven on this special day.
Likutei Sichos Vol. 22 Pg 76-80
Likutei Sichos Vol. 22 Page 114 Ff.Why the Alter Rebbe moved Sefiras HaOmer to the back of his Siddur. How this reveals the essence of what the entire Siddur is about.
Likutei Sichos Vol. 22 P. 138 Ff.Talmidei Rav Akiva and their test and death.
Likutei Sichos Vol. 23 P. 33 Ff.Nitzchiyus HaTorah, how Torah always remains the same, though not all of it always applies. This Sicha explores this dichotomy as it applies to the medical remedies and diets prescribed in the Gemara and Rambam. The Rebbe here finds a solution to these dilemmas.
Likutei Sichos Vol. 26 P. 26 Ff.The RaMbaM, the Alter Rebbe and Parshas VaAira.
Likutei Sichos Vol. 28 P. 7 Ff. Sivan- Shavuos.
Likutei Sichos Vol. 28 P. 131 Ff
Likutei Sichos Vol. 29 Page 182 Ff.What is it about Chana's prayer that makes it the basis for so many important Halachos of T'filla?
Likutei Sichos Vol. 30 P. 103 Ff.Yitzchok, the son of Avrohom, Avrohom gave birth to Yitzchok. How different were they really?
Likutei Sichos Vol. 31 P. 170 Ff. Natural Effects.
Likutei Sichos Vol. 32. IyarIyar is an acronym for "Ani Hashem Rofecha" ("I am Hashem your Healer") from Shemos (Exodus) 15:26. The focus of this series is the special kind of healing that Hashem provides at this time of year. These lectures were given in 2004 at Machon Chana and are based on a Sicha from the Lubavitcher rebbe (Likutei Sichos vol. 32 p. 72). The text of the Sicha is presented, translated, and explained by Rabbi Paltiel who adds comments and stories that bring out the meaning of the Sicha and provide inspiration for our post-Pesach, early summer diets and other self improvement resolutions!thanks to a listener for suggesting that we put this Sicha on line.
Likutei Sichos Vol. 35 Page 125 Ff.The two days in Yiddishkiet are both represented in Davening.
Likutei Sichos Vol. 35 Page 192 Ff.Silence during Prayer; three opinions, three approaches.
Likutei Sichos Vol. 36 P. 1 Ff. Bitachon.
Likuteisichos Vol. 39 P. 43 Ff. The Siddur.Understanding the design of the alter Rebbe's Siddur it was written for everyone, but it is Kabbalistic.


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