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These Sichos were learned (in order) at Machon Chana during the winter of 5774 (2013-14). We explored sequentially the stages of the Avos growth, and preparing the world, and the Jewish people, for receiving the Torah at Har Sinai.

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The Tribes

This series continues from the series of the Avos and the enumeration continues from there to here. The Brothers and their children

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Exile and redemption.

Breishis dealt with the Tzadikim, the fathers, mothers and the twelve tribes, Shmos deals with the birth of a nation.

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You are not Free until you Serve Hashem

After we were freed from Egypt, we traveled to Sinai to become G-d's servants' this is where our freedom really begins. The Sichos in this section (are from Parshs Yisro, Mishpatim and part of Tisa) deal with this part of our Journey (freedom).