Likutei Sichos- A Complete Sicha In One Class. Vol. 02 classes

Class one: Introduction: four events that revealed "Atzmus" (two opposites together) as preparation for Mattan Torah: A) Makas Bechoros "נגף למצרים ורפוא לישראל" B) Midday, Yetzios Mitzrayim "נגלה עליהם" C) Splitting of the sea: joining land and sea (עלמא דאתכסיא ועלמא דאתגליא) D) Mattan Torah itself.

Class Two Inside, the children knew Him first because He nourished them (also) with oil and honey.

Likutei Sichos vol. 02 page 519-520.

Class One, Introduction: The difference between a miracle and a divine revelation. There were many miracles associated with Yetzias Mitzrayim but few divine revelations. These revelations were stage setters for the "breaking of the divide" between "Higher and lower" that would take place at Har Sinai. The constant in the "divine revelation" is that it joins together opposites. There are four of them: 1) Midnight, death of the first born 2) Mid-day, the exodus, by divine revelation 3) Early morning: the splitting of the Reed Sea 4) Har Sinai itself

Class Two: AT Krias Yam Suf the children recognized Him (first). Those who suffered the most and were most affected by the darkness became closest to Him. It is about the children.


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