Likutei Sichos- A complete Sicha in one class. VOL. 21 classes

The wealth must come to the Jews in a way that pleases Avrohom Avinu.

Likutei Sichos vol. 21 Page 77 ff. Class One.
The question, why are the Yidden insisting in remaining at the Yam Suf and collecting wealth when Moshe is pushing them (away) towards Sinai?

Likutei Sichos vol. 21 Page 77 ff. Class Two.
Answer: there are two holy drives, to collect wealth (which was the current and passing Mitzvah מצוה עוברת) and to go to Har Sinai which is the future.
There need be the tension and conflict, where Moshe pulls and the Yidden resist.
The idea that collecting wealth is a divine wish, not just a human passion and desire.,

Two reasons for Jews to get the wealth they took from Egypt: 1) To punish Egypt. 2) To reward them, this latter reason requires it to be given with benevolence.

The frogs represent an in between state: creations that are neither helpful nor harmful, that are philosophically worse than both extremes. Like an in between level of faith. They too declared אחדות השם.

(1) Introduction.
There are four ("miracle") events that are not about a miracle per se', but about the revelation of Hashem in this world to set up Mattan Torah.
AT Mattan Torah the divide between heaven and earth was broken, these four miracles made that possible.
When the night is halved: why did Makkas Bechoros (the plague of the firstborn) have to be at midnight.
Because only Hashem can divide the time so precisely and this plague needed to come directly from Him.


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