Likutei Sichos- A complete Sicha in one class. VOL. 36 classes

Class Two: The actual Sicha explains the significance of Yidden acquiring the title "צבאות" as they were leaving Mitzrayim: it signifies a relationship between Hashem (as He is called צבאות) and the world that is connected to the people who are called by the same name (צבאות).

Three levels of understanding the (need for) the Makkos: 1) To get Yidden out of Egypt. That would not happen until Egypt got to know Hashem, this is the reason Hashem needed to punish Egypt. 2) To educate Egypt about Hashem for Egypt's sake. 3) To give Yidden a deeper understanding of Hashem, as (after all) everything is for Yidden as it says: בשביל התורה ובשביל ישראל.

The Makkos were needed to get Yidden out of Egypt but they had deeper purposes as well.

What is the answer to Moshe's question: What merit entitles the Jews to be redeemed? Answer: the waiting and anticipating was already actual in Egypt.

A unique characteristic of מכת שחין was that it was performed in a way that could be seen as natural. This is part of how Hashem taught Egypt about Himself.


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