Likutei Sichos- A complete Sicha in one class. VOL. 26 classes

Likutei Sichos vol 26 page 85 ff.

Class 1:
Moshe takes out Yosef's remains. He does this 1) because they swore not to leave without them 2) Because it gave us -Yidden the strength needed to survive the Midbar.

Class 2:
The Rebbe takes an old and obscure idea and makes it shine. In this case, the Tzemach Tzedek's mention that Yosef was named Yosef to denote making from and אחר a foreigner a בן a son for Hashem.

Class 3:
Inside: going into the desert requires special strength that comes from Yosef.

This class continues the Sicha, explaining the point of this miracle with the serpent, to show Hashem's dominance over the Pharaoh.

The event of the stick becoming a serpent and then a stick again and only then swallowing the sticks of the Egyptian magicians goes to the core of all the ten Makkos to show Hashem's dominance over the Pharaoh. This explains why so much of the miracle remained un-predicted.

Moshe being Moshe from the moment he's born, and forever.


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