Likutei Sichos- A complete Sicha in one class. VOL. 16 classes

This class deals only with Chapters 3,4,6 in the Sicha. Moshe was a Tzadik at birth, the home was filled with light. He was Torah which is Emes that never changes.

Rav and Shmuel: new king or old king who acted as though he forgot Yosef. Was his sin primarily against God or man.

Class One Hundred and Thirty Two, Likutei Sichos vol 16 page 173 ff, Shabbos and the Manna, it's a miracle but you must do something.
On one level the Manna is called לחם מן השמים it came from heaven with no effort.
On another level, the fact that it is connected to the לחם מן הארץ we would eat after going into ארץ ישראל compels us to assert that there is something "earthly" (even) about the Manna.
This is indicated in that the falling of Manna is compared to rain (הנני ממטיר לכם לחם מן השמים) and not dew.
This is the work and the (few) laws that surrounded the Manna, beginning with the need to "go out and collect it".
This is similar to Shabbos which is strongly linked to Shabbos, which...
On the one hand, is כל מלאכתך עשוי'ה we have nothing to do with the world.
On the other, what we do before Shabbos determines the Shabbos. There IS a connection.

Class One, Introduction. Class Two, Text. This Sicha discusses the idea that placing Moshe in the River Nile did far more than save his life, it broke the decree of the killing of the children, and it broke the idol of Egypt altogether.

Moshe grows up like he was born: at birth he already displayed his future greatness in two aspects: A. He was born circumcised, revealing an incredibly lofty personal level, B. He was born with the Shechina indicating his preparedness to lead the Jewish people. The two ויגדל הילד, ויגדל משה reflect these two aspects: growing up very young.

Moshe and Aharon (who are Leviim and not enslaved) get involved in other Yidden's business and this is the only thing that can usher in the Geula. In spite of the Pharaoh's protests.

Moshe and Aharon as dual leaders are exactly the same inasmuch as they are their parents' children, but they are different inasmuch as each in his own way is concerned.

Moshe is Elokim to Pharoh, and Aharon is his Navi. Some things can not be delegated; the breaking of Pharoh needed to be done by Moshe. The story of the מאמר ראה נתתיך אלוקים לפרעה.

This class discusses the Jewish people's preparation for leaving Egypt. It involved the two bloods: 1) Mila 2) Korban Pesach. To be continued.

Inside. ר' מתיא בן חרש who lived in Rome taught that to create the nation of Yidden we must do two things: 1) Go out of evil and idolatry, through the Korban Pesach. 2) Bring good and holiness in, through ברית מילה.


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