Likutei Sichos- A complete Sicha in one class. Vol. 06. classes

In the aftermath of מכת ברד (for the first time) we find the Pharaoh being remorseful and even penitent. The way the מכת ברד ended reveals levels in the תשובה that the Pharaoh was thinking to do. Did he do the equivalent of תשובה עילעא or only of תשובה תתאה.

Same as previous Sicha, but discussing the beginning and the end rather than the middle. Moshe, the redeemer, needed to be above the limitations of all (3) levels of exile, his mother therefore was conceived outside of Egypt, and miraculously became young to give birth to Moshe, this is connected (not only with leaving Egypt, but also) with the entry into Eretz Yisroel.

This class deals only with the part of the Sicha about Yosef. Though Levi survives Yosef by twenty years, the death of Yosef marks the beginning of the Galus from the spiritual sense. The level of miracles that Ya'akov brought with him to Egypt passed with Yosef's death.


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