Likutei Sichos- A complete Sicha in one class. VOL. 18 classes

Class One. This class gets to the heart and center of this Sicha, which discusses the basic understanding of Moshiach according to the RaMbaM and Halacha. The end of RaMbaM is on Moshiach, because Moshiach is the end of Torah, Mitzvos, and Halacha. This means when it is all complete and we are able to do it properly and wholly. Moshiach is a king because only a king can bring Yidden to the place of doing all the Mitzvos.  

Class Two. This class explores the questions on each of the first four halachos. The essence of it is that Moshiach is a Halachic idea that has four steps: 1) His own personal piety, 2) His influence on Yidden, 3) His influence on Goyim through force, 4) His influence on Goyim through teaching.


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