Likutei Sichos- A complete Sicha in one class. VOL. 35 classes

Yosef leaves hints for his brothers as to who he is. According to RaShI they didn't keep Kosher, but he still does things to demonstrates the kind of importance in his treatment of them to lead them to the conclusion, that he is their brother.

Yosef went on a mission from his father to see his brothers knowing what they might do to him. Why did he go? Rashi and Ramban. According to Rashi he knew what they would do and went anyway: 1) He chose to go above and beyond the call in Mesiras Nefesh for Kibbud av VaAim, risking (sacrificing) his life. 2) He saw a need for Kidush Hashem in the area of Kibbud Av VaAim and was Moser Nefesh as an act of Kiddush Hashem. In this class there was no time to read inside the text, but the text is nevertheless included for those who wish to learn it on their own.

Yosef goes out of Galus. This Sicha which analyzes RaShI reveals the two aspects (or steps) in Yosef's departure from Galus. 1) No opposition, 2) Transforming and becoming the master over the Galus.

How the brothers hear the dream. How Yoseph hears the dream. How Ya'akov hears the dream, and what is Yaakov waiting for? [The geula].

Dina's leaving home ended in disaster, but that does not mean that what she intended on doing was wrong. She was social like her mother and that was very good, it allowed the two of them to influence others to be better people.

Supplement, a Maamar from the Alter Rebbe about our Galus Edom (Aisav) lasting so long! Overt and covert enemies, Aisav as an outright evil is dealt with, while the devious Lavan took twenty years to subdue. In our Galus it is Aisav that is so devious and difficult to subdue.

After all is said and done and Avrohom shows infinite loyalty to Hashem, he begins protesting. In this Sicha the Rebbe shows (in Rashi's view at least) that Avrohom was never questioning God, but the fact that maybe Hashem thought he was somehow unworthy of giving of himself to Hashem so much. And Hashem explains it to him.


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