Likutei Sichos- A complete Sicha in one class. VOL. 25 classes

The Jewish nation in Galus is called Yosef, as Yosef is the source of the strength to survive and thrive in Golus, as he did so better than anyone.

Ya'akov is talking to his sons about their upcoming trip to Egypt. He knows what his sons told him, but he senses something more is at hand, so he Davens. He explains that he's Davening just in case. But the brothers who know the whole truth know just how important the prayer is.

Yosef is 'Matzliach' (accesses his Mazal in a very blessed way) because of his adaptability to the reality and hardship of Galus. He descends from bad to worse, from Slave to Prisoner and as his circumstances challenge him more he digs deeper to find trust in Hashem and becomes ever more successful.

This class begins the story of the twelve sons of Ya'akov and is a new chapter in the Torah's narrative: the children's story. Yoseph tells his father and brothers his dreams. What is he thinking?! what is Ya'akov thinking? and what are the brothers thinking? Ya'akov sees the missions of all twelve of his sons as one, Yoseph hopes his brothers will diminish the significance of his part. The brothers see the advantage of Yoseph's mission and are jealous.

This is another version of the same class that focuses exclusively on Yosef being in and above the galus, thus mastering and ruling Egypt from the moment he arrives there.

Three personalities, three Galus perspectives: 1) Yaakov, he was not in the Galus at all. 2) The Shvatim, they are a part of the Galus and only survive it by being in (relative) isolation, as Shepherds. 3) Yosef, he is in the Galus and very much at it's epicenter, but it makes no difference on him, he is left unscathed.

The return of Yaakov to Eretz Yisroel found him whole not only according to the promises Hashem gave him, but that he didn't even suffer (in a lasting way) for the Avoda sacrifices he needed to make in Golus.

Malachim before, Malachim after; When Yaakov leaves Eretz Yisroel, the local angels cannot lead him into Chutz La'aretz and new Malachim appear, while on his return, the Eretz Yisroel angels come out to greet. The reason: in the beginning they are empowering him and at the end they are honoring him.

Yitzchok's Bris is superior not only to Yishmael's but to Avrohom's as well. Avrohom's Bris was from higher than reason, but his 99 years of preparation cover this over, and the idea that it is entirely from Hashem is not obvious.

Whatever happened to Avrohom until Lech Lecha (at the age of seventy five) is not written in the Torah, because as the first Jew, his life doesn't begin until he gets divine instruction and follows with bittul. The lesson for us: we must acquiesce.


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