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Sefer HaSichos 5752 page 280 ff.
 - Sefer HaSichos 5752 page 280 ff.
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This class (only) introduces this Sicha: there is a pattern to how Hashem has Moshe visit the Pharaoh. The first (forth and seventh) he tells him לך... go to the Pharoh at the River. The second (fifth and eighth) he tells hi בא... go see him in the palace. The Third (sixth and ninth) there is no allusion in the Chumash to what (and how) the warning took place. When he tell him to go to meet him in the palace He says: בא אל פרעה come with me to the Pharaoh because Moshe is afraid to go alone.
Class Two
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Continued (2). Moshe fears the spiritual evil of Pharaoh which is above קדושה!
Class Three
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Continued (3). Moshe fears the positive spiritual Pharaoh as well. Why?


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