Inyana Shel Toras HaChasidus classes

PDF In this class the entire Sicha was over-viewed in the following order: 1) Perek 4-5, What is Chassidus, Yechida, an indivisible point that is infinite and completely without definition or form. 2) Perek 1-2, 4 ideas that are Chassidus and the question: any system with more than one priority, needs to separate between the primary and secondary priorities, so which of these four is the most important of the four? 3) Perek 18, The answer to the question: all four are identical, since Yechida is so formless, it can be expressed in anything and each is the most important, with none being superior to the other. 4) Perek 10, Mode Ani of Pshat (getting back the Soul, being alive), Remez (Techiyas HaMeisim), Derush (loans separate from items given to watch, and you cannot hold them ransom for the debt), Sod (The union of Yesod [Chai] and Malchus [Melech]. 5) Perek 11, the Chassidus of Mode Ani- It is so deep and true none of the טומאה in the world can touch it. 6) Perek 12, what Chassidus adds to Pshat: life is not biological, but why we live, for and to what end. 7) Perek 13, what Chassidus adds to Remez, there's a constant notion of Techiyas HaMeisim, as we are created ex-nihilo each instant. 8) Perek 14, what Chassidus adds to Drush, Torah is higher than logic, and therefore contradictions can exist. 9) Perek 15 ,what Chassidus adds to Sod, joining lower levels of godliness with higher levels, because to bring things to the lowest level one must go much higher.

Short class giving the background and the basic point of this classic Sicha.


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