Sefer HaSichos (muga). classes

Sefer HaSichos (muga). Beginning around 5746 the Rebbe began to edit most of his Sichos and Farbrengens. These classes are from these talks.

Category Title Description
Inyana Shel Toras Hachasidus
Hadran Hagadol Al Harambam (5735)
Hadran 5746. (yedia And Achdus).
22 Shvat And Mishpatim 5748.
Bishalach 5751
Shoftim 5751, Overview
Bo 5752
Beis Rabbeinu Shebibavel (5752).

Torah Chadasha (Shavuos 5751) A thought (Bochurim 5780).
There is no new Torah not even תורתו של משיח, there's only חידושי תורה.
But משיח gets at his (חידושים) by combination of נבואה and חכמה and the question is, how is this תורה?

Sefer Hasichos 5752 vol 1 page 303 ff.
Class One.
Miriam means the bitterness of Galus because she lived it.
Also because she never stops waiting for the Geula and that is what brings it.

Sefer Hasichos 5752 vol 1 page 303 ff.
Class Two.
The women of today, like Miriam bring Moshiach as they are the Gilgulim of those Neshamos,
and they too refuse to stop waiting.


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