20 Kislev 5717

Toras Menachem vol. 8 page 278-297.

Sicha Six.

Class One. Page 278-9. Proof from Niglah for learning Chassidus. Our Rabbeiim would show their Niglah so it would lead others to Chassidus. It is one Torah. Class Two. Page 279- 80. To explain to a Baal Niglah why he must learn Chassidus you must speak his language. He claims לדעת זה התינוק and why...

Sicha Seven.

Class Six. Page 285-6. Introduction: the story of Reb Nachum (the Mitteler Rebbe’s son) and the Alter Rebbe and the new style [to wear a patch on his new outfit]. A new Klipa: Keeping up with the neighbors at great personal cost. Class Seven. Page 286-8. Keeping up with the neighbors continued. The story of...

Sicha Eight.

Class Nine. Page 290. Lechayim for Morocco new Mosdos. Binyamin Gorodetzky.

Sicha Nine.

Class Ten. Page 290-292. New Sicha: מאלמים אלומים והנה אנחנו מאלמים אלומים בתוך השדה… קמה אלומתי וגו’ ותשתחונה לאלומתי. A) Taking from Klipa מאלמים אלומים. B) Making Klipa to Kedusha קמה אלמתי. Class Eleven. Page 292- 4. Yosef and his brothers are bundling wheat. There are two steps to the process of transforming them into...