Purim 5716

PDF Toras Menachem vol. 16 page 133-154, 158-171

Sicha Three.

Class One. Page 133-5. Why we don’t commemorate the holocaust as we do earlier (and smaller) tragedies. The idea of greater and smaller souls.   Class Two. Page 135-7. Torah development, in later times much more details, more incumbent on the individual, Thus the Printing Press and later Offset were introduced to facilitate this greater...

Sicha Four.

Class Four. page 139- 142. The story of the Megilla is a story about strange priorities: people with great spiritual connections opted “to get little children together and pray” instead of using their political clout. This plan worked. And the lesson is very obvious.   Class Five. Page 142-4. Chinuch and Chinuch values. Appreciation for...

Sicha Six.

Class Seven. Page 145-6. Ad Dlo Yada and more.

Sicha Seven.

Class Eight. Page 147-9. Amalaik, we engage four times. Two conditions of being Jewish: 1) In the desert removed from everything and all worldly things come to us supernaturally. 2) We go into the world, to make all of it holy, Eretz-Yisroel-like. Now we must engage with the world, but still represent God and be...