Class One.

Lag BaOmer,upsheren. Page 67. Lag Baomer, Miron Chasnei RaShbI.

Bamidbar 5715

Class Two. Page 76-7. After Mincha is connected to Rosh Chodesh, tomorrow. Bayom Haze, the day of renewal and revelation.   Class Three. Page 77-8. Midrash about Gzaira and the Bitul HaGezaira.   Class Four. Page 78- 9. The place called רפידים means רפו ידיהם מדברי תורה. When it comes to Torah if it is...

Sicha One.

Class Ten. Page 111-112. The Chossid who cried during אמירת תיקון. It must be done with joy. קבלת התורה בשמחה ובפנימיות- joy before internalization!

Sicha Two

Class Six. Page 80-81. Ma’amarim evolve from the Alter Rebbe until our Rebbe. The ‘Flag’ Ma’amar and its development.   Class Seven. Page 81-2. The lowering of generations which requires more explanation reveals more Torah.   Class Eight. Page 82. Along the same lines of the Sicha, this is why we must learn Chabad Chassidus...

Sicha Three.

Class Eleven. Page 118-119. Story of the רבי דער צמח צדק and his being tested on ברכות. His explanation that people eat according to the mind of the בעל הבית.

Sicha Five.

Class Twelve. Page 119-120. לחיים for those who went on the תהלוכה. The Rebbe says he envies them and will allow himself to say לחיים because of the envy.   Class Thirteen. Page 120-121. חכמה יש באומות תאמין תורה יש באומות אל תאמין. The idea of axioms in the secular world and realms of ideas...

(end of) Sicha ten.

Class Fifteen. Page 132. Women have the power to affect their entire home that it be a Chassidisher home.

Sicha Eleven.

Class Sixteen. Page 133-4. ברוך הבא to the בעל שם טוב. Those who see can say it. We connect to our Rebbe and through him to the ones who came before until the בעל שם טוב, his teacher אחי’ השילוני etc.

Sicha Twelve.

Class Seventeen. Page 134. על דעת בעל הבית even though you started getting ready for Bentching, you can say לחיים על דעת בעל הבית.