Shabbos Breishis, Sicha One.

Class Ten. Page 97-99. Shabbos Breishis is the stage setter for the entire year, not only spiritually but also materially. Miracles help affect action, which is the most important thing.

Shabbos Breishis, Sicha Three.

Class Eleven. Page 99-101. When one sees miracles he’s seeing Godliness vividly. Three stories, the Rebbe does for you, what are you doing for him? 1) Monies designated for Tzedakos, 2) a Male gift, why not repay the gift with doing as the Rebbe wants, 3) beard. Son after the Frierdike Rebbe or the Tzemach...

Simchas Torah, Sicha Two.

Class One. Page 69-71. ‘Kushe Alai Pridaschem’ when one Jew is separated from another Jew he is separated from God. Shmini Atzeres fixes this. The (Suka and the) four kinds only keep us together for the duration of Sukkos, but Shmini Atzeres together keeps us together all year long.   Class Two. Page 71-3. Somehow...

Simchas Torah, Sicha Three.

Class Eight. Page 76-7. Reb Zalman Zlatapolsky worked to see his Rebbe after the Histalkus, now the Rebbe (RaYaTz) visits someone for not listening to him and he still doesn’t acquiesce.

Simchas Torah, Sicha Four.

Class Nine. Page 85-7. Conclusions: 1) Learning Chassidus, 2) Halacha, 3) Keren Hashana, 4) Breishis, a new beginning, even if Tishrei was not as it should be.