Shavous 5714

Toras Menachem vol. 12 page 28 ff.

Second Sicha.

Class One. Page 28-30. Simple People, What Moshe learned at Mount Sinai. Class Two. Page 30-32. Story: the Previous Rebbe appointed three people and only the simple one did and is still doing.

Fifth Sicha.

Page 37-8. The holy Ba’al Shem Tov taught that a person is where his will is, and the Alter Rebbe added that this is BiPnimiyus and it lasts even after one stops thinking about being there. Tshuva.

Sixth Sicha.

Women were spoken to first but given the same message. The power women have in their homes (even) over their husbands, to establish one hundred percent for Hashem and ‘no fifty-fifty’.

Seventh Sicha.

Class One. Page 40. The Menorah must be prepared by a Kohen but it can be lit by anyone. Class Two. Page 40-42. The Cleaning must be done by the Kohein because we must each work individually for our own achievements. According to the RaMbaM even by day they lit the candles, because in daylight...

Eighth Sicha.

Page 42-3. Hashgacha Protis delivers funds to print the Alter Rebbe’s Ma’amarim.

Ninth Sicha.

Page 43. Increasing in Torah every Shavuos, should include Nigla and Chassidus, since there is only one Mattan Torah.