Toras Menachem Vol 4 p 212; 217-9.

Toras Menachem Vol 18 pp 290-296

Potifar’s wife seduction, The wife of Potifar sees that she must contribute to the future of Yosef and believes that God may work even in strange ways. Yosef’s perspective the ends don’t justify the means one must follow the law to the letter.

The particulars of Yosef’s two dreams (the bundles and the stars) teach us things about serving Hashem and Golus. 1) We go in order from lower to higher (even in Golus), 2) Work, nothing real is free, 3) We gather many into one, 4) We must listen and bow to Yosef (the Nassi) or we...

Ya’akov wanted Shalva (serenity) but to get it he had to go through much more hardship, but in the end he got what he wanted.

Three personalities, three Galus perspectives: 1) Yaakov, he was not in the Galus at all. 2) The Shvatim, they are a part of the Galus and only survive it by being in (relative) isolation, as Shepherds. 3) Yosef, he is in the Galus and very much at it’s epicenter, but it makes no difference on...

2nd Version This is another version of the same class that focuses exclusively on Yosef being in and above the galus, thus mastering and ruling Egypt from the moment he arrives there.

This class begins the story of the twelve sons of Ya’akov and is a new chapter in the Torah’s narrative: the children’s story. Yoseph tells his father and brothers his dreams. What is he thinking?! what is Ya’akov thinking? and what are the brothers thinking? Ya’akov sees the missions of all twelve of his sons...

Yosef is ‘Matzliach’ (accesses his Mazal in a very blessed way) because of his adaptability to the reality and hardship of Galus. He descends from bad to worse, from Slave to Prisoner and as his circumstance challenges him more he digs deeper to find trust in Hashem and becomes ever more successful.

Ya’akov wanted a Shalva (serenity) he deserved, but Hashem decided to give him more than he wished for. But to do this he had to go through the twenty two year Yosef ordeal.

How the brother’s hear the dream How Yoseph hears the dream How Ya’akov hears the dream and what is Yaakov waiting for? [The geula].

Yosef goes out of Galus. This Sicha which analizes RaShI reveals the two aspects (or steps) in Yosef’s departure from Galus. 1) No opposition, 2) Transforming and becoming the master over the Galus.

Yosef went on a mission from his father to see his brothers knowing what they might do to him, Why did he go? Rashi and Ramban, According to Rashi he knew what they would do and went anyway: 1) He chose to go above and beyond the call in Mesiras Nefesh for Kibbud av VaAim,...