Yaakov was very different from the two Avos that came before him. His primary purpose was dealing with Golus. He couldn’t allow Avimelech any foothold in Eretz Yisroel. His “bed was (therefore also) whole”.

Toras Menachem Vayeitze 5712. Vol. 4 page 156 ff.A semi-Farbrengen about the Mitteler Rebbe.

Yaakov was the most successful of the Avos, as all his children were Tzadikim and he had them in Golus.

Ya’akov makes two conditions with Hashem and then two promises. This Sicha shows that the requests were for help at serving Hashem to set up the fulfillment of the two promises. Aliyas HaNeshama and Dira BiTachtonim.

Ya’akov is involved with many things, but before all, above all and even after all, his primary involvement is with sheep. This teaches two lessons: 1) Bittul: it must be before, in, and after all, 2) Bittul alone is not enough, you must also use your positive strengths.

Malachim before, Malachim after; When Yaakov leaves Eretz Yisroel, the local angels cannot lead him into Chutz La’aretz and new Malachim appear, while on his return, the Eretz Yisroel angels come out to greet. The reason: in the beginning they are empowering him and at the end they are honoring him.

The return of Yaakov to Eretz Yisroel found him whole not only according to the promises Hashem gave him, but that he didn’t even suffer (in a lasting way) for the Avoda sacrifices he needed to make in Golus.

Supplement, a Maamar from the Alter Rebbe about our Galus Edom (Aisav) lasting so long! Overt and covert enemies. Aisav, an outright evil is dealt with, while the devious Lavan took twenty years to subdue. In our Galus it is Aisav that is so devious and difficult to subdue.