Introduction to the Maamar Vayeshev that explains the connection between Vayeshev and Chanuka. Page 212.

Class One. Why the nusach LiTorah, Chupa and only then LiMaasim Tovim? Don’t people do good before they marry?

Class Two. Yaakov is Torah that gives balance to (the otherwise) polar attributes of Chesed and Gevura. The foibles of what would be if we were strictly Chesed.

Class Three. Gevura alone is also not good. There must be balance. Gaava run amok in the name of “Shminis ShebiShminis”. Page 217-19.

Class Four. The order of the Avos was Maasim Tovim (Avrohom) Chupa (Yitzchok), Torah (Yaakov). We who have inherited their efforts do this in the correct order, so there be no negative side effect (as there was with Avrohom and Yitzchok). We therefore do Torah (clarity) first, then Chupa (limitations and exactness) then Maasim Tovim...