Yussaschar’s name: How is it pronounced and what does Kabbalah have to say about it? Page 156.

Class Two. The Mitteler Rebbe. Hashgacha Protis. Page 156-7.

Class Three. The Baal Shem Tov’s view of Hasgacha Protis (as enhanced by the Frierdike Rebbe). 1) Every detail of DaTzaCh is BiHashgacha Protis, 2) Each touches the overall purpose of creation, 3) The details within the details (like who affects this particular effect a person or a wind ) is also precise. The Gemara...

Class Four. The Alter Rebbe’s contribution to Chassidus, teaching the practical side , explains why he revealed this additional dimension in Hashgacha Protis. Also, it was revealed through the Mitteler Rebbe. Page 158-9.

Class Five. The Mitteler Rebbe’s Chassidus. Great Shefa. He wanted Chassidim to meet and discuss Yichuda Illa’a. Page 159-60.

Kidush Livana Story.