Class One. Page 108-110. Mitzvah Lifarsem Osei Mitzvah (to celebrate those who perform mitzvos), without too much concern for Yeshus and Pniyos.

Class Two. Page 110-111. When silence is preferred.

Class Three. Page 111-112. The ChaZaL say that people make mistakes because they want to.

Class Four. Page 112-114. Printing the Letters of the Frierdike Rebbe is not allowed without permission, they have an (living) owner.

Class Five. Page 114-115. Jealousy based on hatred will never pass. When people see a flaw in another they are seeing their own flaws.

Class Six. Page 115-116. Lesson from the Melacha of ‘Aish’. Adding fire is the primary Melacha. The lesson is, that the key is to add in light, not to focus on what to criticize.

Class Seven. Page 116-118. Learn from your pocket Tanya with these misnagdim and all questions will dissolve, like the story of the Alter Rebbe himself.