Class One. Page 152-4. Yitzchok’s age and Avraham’s death and the twins (Yaakov and Eisav’s) Bar Mitzva. The only way to reconcile this is to say that for two years Yitzchok was in Gan Eden and didn’t age. When Avraham died at 175 years old, Yitzchok was 73 and his twins turned 13. He brought...

Class Four. Page 164-5. Yitzchak’s sojourn into Gan Eden rendered him (permanently) above time, therefore he 1) thought to bless Eisav as he saw him how he is (already) Leasid Lavo, 2) How giving Eisav Italia Shel Yavan was not something that did not exist yet!!

Class Five. Page 165-7. What we can learn from Yitzchok in our lives considering that he is one of our Avos and his life is a lesson for all of us. 1) Shabbos above time, 2) Kabbalas Ol.