Class One. Page 189-90. The source of the Neshama, levels.

Class Two. Page 190-91. Cont.

Class Three. Page 191-4. The pain of the yerida of the Neshama to the Guf and the world.

Class Four. Page 194-5. The pain of wasting all the pain that brings the Neshama here to fulfill its mission is most painful of all.

Class Five. Page 198-201. Many Minhagim of the Rebbe’s Chassuna. 1) Invitation, 2) Hour, 3) Ksuba written by day, 4) Shushvinin- a couple, 5) Ring, gold, no letters, 6) the glass they drank from is the glass they broke, 7) Ruchniyus in yeshiva, gashmiyus someplace else.

Class Six. Page 206-7. Conclusion and Bracha.