Sicha One, Class One.Page 273-5.Yahrtzeit, the entire life has an Aliya, especially by a new Neshama.

Sicha One, Class Two.Page 275-6.The Chassidic Yetzias Mitzrayim doesn’t destroy, it uplifts even the “Ra”.Ba’al ShemTov’s teaching on Azov Ta’azov Imo.What Chabad adds (even 3 severe Klipos need to be redeemed).

Sicha One, Class Three. Page 276-8.Transforming evil to good is very difficult.The solution is Ahavas Yisroel, two Nefesh Elokis on one Nefesh HaBahamis.One family, according to Torah, with love.Only where there is principle is there real love.