Shlach 5720 Class One (Page 162-3).Camp is Yeshiva in camouflage. Brachos.Graduates from Boston Achei Temimim.

Shlach 5720 Class Two (Page 163-4).חמרא אפילו בתקופת תמוז קרירא לי’ה the lesson that to some things (Gashmiyus) we must be “cold”.The idea of Tzitzis and Yirah.

Sivan 5720 Class Three (Page 165).Graduating girls, going to camp and being counselors, the great responsibility and the Zechus. Hashgacha Protis appointed and empowered them

Sivan 5720 Class Four (Page 165-6).Cont. girls going to be counselors in camp. You have special strength but free will must be exercised by you to bring it all out.