Class One. Page 38-9. Explaining the phrase קבלת התורה בשמחה ובפנימיות. Joy to overcome hardships. Pnimiyus to reach the essence of the Neshama. We meet אנכי הוי’ אלוקיך, the essence of G-dliness is our personal G-d.

Class Two. Page 39-40. Children are our guarantors. The child in each one of us also guarantees the Torah.

Class Three. Page 40. We should never feel unworthy or incapable. The earliest recipients of the Torah were most unready yet He loved them and gave it especially to them.

Class Four. Page 40-41. Tahalucha, the idea and the significance. Spreading Chassidus.

Class Five. Page 40-43. Tahalucha is in the best spirit of יפוצו מעינותיך חוצה where one goes to the recipient and doesn’t wait to be needed and sought out. Like Aharon HaKohein who loved everyone, even the simplest people. But at the same time, he brings people to the Torah and not the Torah to...

Class six. Page 59-60. Introduction about Reb Laib, the Rebbe’s brother on the occasion of 13 Iyar, his Yahrtzeit. Gan Yisroel- the “upside” of camp- what the gains are.

Class Seven. Page 66-67. The Baal Shem Tov’s dvaikus and remaining in the body etc.