Class One. Page 323-4. The joy of Shavuos includes: 1) Simchas Yom Tov, 2) Mitzva Kabalas HaTorah, 3) The double שבועה that we are Hashem’s forever.

Class Two. Page 328- 9. בנינו עורבים בעדינו The idea of Torah being new on Shavuos and we are on some level, all like children going to Yeshiva for the very first time, which is traditionally a very joyous event.

Class Three. Page 333-4. Dovid passed away on Shavuos, and was also born then.  

Class Four. Page 334-6. We are all like Dovid (on Shavuos) that what ever we ask for we’ll get. Chitas is a Keli for the fulfillment of all the Brachos of Hashem in actualization.

Class Five. Page 336-8. The עשרת הדברות are simple matters to teach how primary action is.

Class Six. Page 347-351. Camp Gan Yisroel transforming a negative American order in education into something positive.

Class Seven. Page 351-2 Women, Neshei Chabad, new time new ideas. The incredible power (for good and bad) of women.  

Class Eight. Page 352-3. Conclusion of Sicha to Neshei Chabad.

Class Nine. Page 353-5. Introduction to talk about the Shluchim to Eretz Yisroel, a discussion on ownership in Eretz Yisroel. The difficulties of living there.  

Class Ten. Page 355-7. To help with your body, Soul and wallet, how this applies even to Chassidim in America.

Class Eleven page 357. The Shluchim and the Shlichus (a few words).

Class Twelve. Page 357-8. After a fire one gets rich. How to help.

Class Thirteen. page 358-9. Conclusion.