Mordechai’s influence effected the people in Shushan and the surrounding areas as well as all other walled cities since the time of Yehoshua. What does it tell us about Mordechai and walled cities (introduction). Page 22-4.

Mordechai’s influence is felt especially in walled (protected by Torah) cities. Even those that are now destroyed but were vibrant (Eretz= Ratzon, Yisroel= 600,000 letters in the Torah) at the time Yidden entered Eretz Yisroel so long before. Page 24-6.

Mordechai’s influence on everyone as long as they are a Yehudi of whatever level, even of the Yid that represents the Nefesh Habahamis. Page 26-7.

The influence of Chassidus is felt now in the deepest point of the Golus. Now it reveals the very deepest idea of “Ki Ata Avinu” in the absence of Giluyim- Avrohom and Yaakov. Page 27-8.

1) Explanations of the idea that “Ata Avinu” emerges only in darkness: A. The idea that after the Tzimtzum the “Maor” [Source] is revealed, B. In the darkest Golus where the NARNA”CH is more concealed, the Yechida is closer to the surface [Example: Marronos vs. Chanania Mishael and Azaria]. 2) “So much” is holding onto...