Class One: The first month Hashem blesses and we draw strength from Him. Ultimately this newness is connected to Moshiach. The Halachic source for this is the fact that originally Hashem made the calendar and we do with His power. The Calendar and the uniqueness of our calendar, joining the sun and the moon together.

Class Two: The idea that Hashem once kept the calendar, and the two opinions: 1) It wasn’t known at all until Yetzias Mitzrayim 2) It was known forgotten and relearned. Even according to the opinion that we knew it, it needed to be forgotten because of the darkness of Galus, that erased what was before...

Class Three: Short introduction on Chai Elul. Continued discussion on the calendar and the Galus interruption.

Class Four: Introduction for 23 Elul, Yahrtzait of the Rebbe’s Mother’s father Reb Meir Shlomo (story Lihaskilcha Binah). Sicha Two: Short thought on Atem Nitzavim Klal Prat and Klal Sicha Three: Introduction (about Bitachon to) to Teshuva Illaa and Teshuva Tataa,

Class Five, Erev Rosh Hashana (5719 to 5720) Hataras Nidarim Pan Klali Pruzbal