Class One. Page 311-313 This class has a very long introduction about the Rebbe MaharaSh on the occasion of ב’ אייר- Lichatchila Ariber. Why is Torah connected to the number three, wouldn’t One be preferred? Answer real Achdus is only in the face of adversity.

Class Two. Page 312-313. Numbers One, Two, and Three again and more completely explained. ניסן everything was from above; from their vantage point they “ran away” in their lack of preparedness. איי”ר the entire month is ספירה= בירור נפש הבהמית; it is also ר”ת אברהם יצחק יעקב רחל but even that is only the מרכבה...

Class Three. Page 313-314. מצוות may bittul you to Hashem, but you are separate. תורה makes you one with Hashem. The two opposites of Sinai.

Class Four. Page 314-315. Bichukosai is before Shavuos because of תכל שנה וכו’ וחל שנה וברכותי’ה. But why is במדבר also before שבועות? בחוקותי is Bittul and Iskafia. במדבר is מסירת נפש.