Class One. Page 89-90. Why Torah is so important but must be accompanied by the Neshama of the Torah.

Class Two. Page 90-92. Many levels of Shelo Lishma, from the very sublime to the most coarse. The highest (as fine as it is) leads one slowly downward until the very lowest levels. 1) To know the Halacha, 2) To enjoy Torah’s scholarship, 3) To earn a livelihood, 4) For honor, to be called “Rabbi”,...

Class Three. Page 92-3. The slightest compromise in Torah Lishma can have the most severe consequences in the long run. Even correct kavanos on the level of cheshbon are problematic. One must be simple in his Yiddishkiet.

Class Four: Page 93-4. The simplest can be of greatest value.