Class One: (Page 146) The Brachos of Sara were the signs of her righteousness and they returned when Rivkah moved in. 1) The cloud on the tent 2) The dough had blessing 3) The candles burned all week

Class Two: This class has an introduction with a story for 20 Marcheshvan. The three Brachos: The cloud on the tent, The Blessing in the dough, The candles burning from week to week. All three share the following characteristic: it wasn’t a miracle with no effort, rather the blessing rested on top of her (Sara...

Class Three: The lesson from the above is that one gets Bracha above and beyond what he does. The idea of יגעת ומצאת even though you work you get a מציאה. The two ideas of Bread and Tent correspond to Pnimiim and Makif.

Class Four: The candles that burned from Erev Shabbos to Erev Shabbos that change nothing but everything at the same time. The light brings peace, in life and in Avoda.

Second Sicha (Intro) Class Five: Tzava’as Harivash (in conjunction with 200 years since the Histalkus) Shivisi Hashem Linegdi Samid, Hishtavus, all things are the same. This is (remaining) unfinished.