First Sicha. Introduction to the Maamar: Why is Sara’s histalkus the only female histalkus discussed (at length) in the Torah? [Suggestion, Chava is beyond Hishtalshelus]. Toras Menachem vol. 4 page 127.

Second Sicha. Class One. Geula of Kislev is within Golus and therefore is forever. Like Chanuka. Toras Menachem vol. 4 page 127-8.

Class Two. Cont. Positive perspective on geula WITHIN a Golus. The beginning (or: rebeginning) of the second (a “Golus” Beis HaMikdash) started in Kislev. Toras Menachem vol. 4 page 128-9.

Class Three. The Geula within Golus idea is further developed in regards to 1) Kislev, 2) Chayey Sara. The lesson, to make another Jew and to do it with joy. Page 129-132.

Third Sicha Class One. Connection between the body of the Maamar (Chayey Sara 5712) about Bringing Bittul into the level of Murgash and the beginning of the Maamar: Shnei Chayey Sarah. Page 132-3.

Class Two. Bris is Kabalas Ol for 1) Baby, 2) Mohel, 3) Sandek. About Sandek, Kitores and being mivarer Klipos. Page 133-4.

Class Three. Kabalas Ol helps make an imperfect situation right. Connection to “BaKol”- daughter, Simcha with Bittul. Page 134-5.

Fourth Sicha Unlimited blessing comes from humility. Page 135-6.