Class One. Page 201-8. The novel idea of offensive war and its advantages as it relates to Kiruv and Mivtza Tefillin.

Class Two. Page 208-210. The lands of קני קניזי and קדמוני will be added to Eretz Yisroel when Moshiach comes, we prepare for this through Shlichus.

Class Three. Page 210-216. The מאמר והי’ ביום ההוא ה’תש”ג that was said during the second world war is being played out here and now. There are two Shofars of Moshiach one (from זכרי’ה) which is quite negative and the Rebbe likens it to the two world wars: a scourge that wakes people up, and...

Class Four. Toras Menachem Vol 51 pp 216- 221. The ill of forgetting G-d and with saying that it was no miracle or attributing it to yourself.

Class Five. Page 221- 229. Questions and answers about the Halachic permissibility to put Tefillin on Yidden. The gains and the losses, It is worthwhile in the end.