First Sicha. Shabbos Breishis, the way we start the year so goes all of the Year. The Tzemach Tzedek’s lengthy Maavir Sidra. This affects Rachavus (boundlessness) in everything including Gashmiyus. Page 109-110.

Second Sicha introduction. Introduction to second Sicha. VYaakov Halach LiDarko with koach Lavan chased after him to give to him. What it means to us and Avoda. Page_110.

Second Sicha (cont.). The Koach Yaakov got from 1) Lavan who gave him sparks he couldn’t elevate deliberately (himself), 2) Meeting the Malachim, had he trusted more, there’d be no struggle with Aisav.

Third Sicha. Lavan’s kissing the children, addresses the idea that we, as children of Hashem, are loved unconditionally and not reciprocally.