Class One. Page 144-6. Preoccupation with material things is shameful.

Class Two. Page 146-8. After the fact the extra money results in extra Tzedaka. The idea of Keren Hashana and its advantages.

Class Three. Page 148-150. Abba Chilkia and his wife, the advantage of women’s Tzedaka over men’s Tzedaka. This applies to the Tzedaka people give their own children. Including Ruchniyus, what a mother does for her children is more than what a father does and is more direct. Everything begins in heaven and comes from heaven...

Class Four. Page 150- 2. In the relationship between Hashem and Yidden this idea that the female is closer to the recipient of the Tzedakah is also true. Hashem longs and desires תכסוף that we partner and contribute.

Class Five. Page 152-3. Tishrei is the pattern of seeking Hashem and never abandoning the hope of finding Him. The revelation of Neila and the joy of Simchas Torah.