First Class. Page 56-7. The avos through prayer gave us the mon. What is so special about this is the fact that normally nothing should reach Mayim Elyonim but the Avos prayer does. The Rabeiim have a similar permanent effect.

Second Class. Page 57-9. The lessons: 1) To be the Rebbe’s Chassidim and contribute to His being ‘BaChayim’. 2) Parnassa nowadays is like Mon from heaven and worrying about it challenges Hashem’s Brachos from coming down.

Class Three. Page 57-9. More on Parnassa and Emuna.

Class Four. Page 59-61. We are Zaro (1- Chassidim, 2- Mikusharim, 3- Shayachim, 4- Heard of the Rebbe). When we do what we must, we make him BaChayim, and when we finish what we must do in a particular place, we are able to move to a more pleasant Shlichus.

Class Five. Page 61-2. 1) Each person can do what he is asked to do, as Hashem expects from us only what we could give. 2) The request itself provides the strength to achieve the purpose put before each one of us.

Class Six. page 62-4. The value of ‘Our own people’ who are Bottul to the Rebbe’s will.

Class Seven. Page 64-5. Agudas Neshei Ubnos ChaBaD. The idea is based on the Frierdike Rebbe’s letter about writing Sichos in English for the sake of the women and girls. They must act immediately.

Class Eight. Page 65-8. The idea of a daughters rebelling against her mother and a daughter in law against a mother in law favorably. To inspire them to grow in Yiddishkiet. Tzeirei Agudas ChaBaD must also take the lead. Learn from the elders and then act ahead of them and the elders should allow the...

Class Nine: Page 68. Three years of Orla followed by a year of Revui and now the fifth year (chulin that need Birur). How Orla is both the Holiest and yet the lowest Klipa. This class ends with a series of private remarks the Rebbe made to people during the course of the Farbrengen.

Class Ten. Page 69. The Rebbe talking about his leadership. Worthy or not worthy the Rebbe has Kochos to do his work.

Class Eleven. Page 70-1. Included among the many powers the Rebbe has is the power to perform miracles, and he’s offering a son to everyone who needs one on two conditions: 1) They be Chassidim, 2) They be named after the Frierdike Rebbe or… The Tzemach Tzedek!

Page 71-2. Torah and especially Torah is above all else. Learn Torah and especially Chassidus as preparation for Moshiach.