Class One. Page 76-7. After Mincha is connected to Rosh Chodesh, tomorrow. Bayom Haze, the day of renewal and revelation.  

Class Two. Page 77-8. Midrash about Gzaira and the Bitul HaGezaira.  

Class Three: Page 78- 9. The place called רפידים means רפו ידיהם מדברי תורה. When it comes to Torah if it is not in the hands it isn’t really Torah! Torah (starts higher than intellect and therefore) extends lower than intellect.  

Class Four: Page 79-80. Revelation at Sinai follows the transcending of רפידים.

Class Five. Page 80-81. Ma’amarim evolve from the Alter Rebbe until our Rebbe. The ‘Flag’ Ma’amar and its development.  

Class Six. Page 81-2. The lowering of generations which requires more explanation reveals more Torah.  

Class Seven. Page 82. Along the same lines of the Sicha, this is why we must learn Chabad Chassidus rather than Chassidus HaKlalis, moreover we must learn the Chabad Chassidus of the later Rabbeiim.  

Class Eight. Page 83-5. שבועות is one day like יום כיפור But for this revelation one must work.   שבועות התשט”ו