Class One. Page 278-9. Proof from Niglah for learning Chassidus. Our Rabbeiim would show their Niglah so it would lead others to Chassidus. It is one Torah.

Class Two. Page 279- 80. To explain to a Baal Niglah why he must learn Chassidus you must speak his language. He claims לדעת זה התינוק and why must he have ידיעת סדר השתלשלות and ידיעת המציאות באלקות. And we must explain. [The Rebbe is different than his predecessors when it comes to learning Chassidus:...

Class Three. Page 280. Krias Shema and Tefilla are comparable to Torah. A discussion on Davening and children.

Class Four. Page 280- 283. Three understandings of what Davening is: 1) Asking when we feel we have a need. 2) When in serious danger. 3) By focusing on how dependant upon Hashem we are. This third level makes Davening a constant DeOraisa obligation.

Class Five. Page 283- 5. How and when Krias Shma and Shmone Esrei are certainly DeOraisa.

Class Six. Page 285-6. Introduction: the story of Reb Nachum (the Mitteler Rebbe’s son) and the Alter Rebbe and the new style [to wear a patch on his new outfit]. A new Klipa: Keeping up with the neighbors at great personal cost.

Class Seven. Page 286-8. Keeping up with the neighbors continued. The story of determining greatness and position by he who can spit farther.

Class Eight. Page 288-9. End of Sicha about spending. When one has the right priorities, in the end he has everything materially and spiritually.

Class Nine. Page 290. Lechayim for Morocco new Mosdos. Binyamin Gorodetzky.

Class Ten. Page 290-292. New Sicha: מאלמים אלומים והנה אנחנו מאלמים אלומים בתוך השדה… קמה אלומתי וגו’ ותשתחונה לאלומתי. A) Taking from Klipa מאלמים אלומים. B) Making Klipa to Kedusha קמה אלמתי.

Class Eleven. Page 292- 4. Yosef and his brothers are bundling wheat. There are two steps to the process of transforming them into Kedusha: 1) Collect and unify them. 2) Bow them to Yosef’s bundle. Until the bowing happens the bundling is not secure. The lesson: to transform to holiness joining the alumni is only...

Class Twelve. This class began with 20 minutes on the באבא סאלי on the occasion of his Yahrtzeit. Page 294-6. Continued. Why one is not secure until his Metzius is nullified. Lesson: when the alumni gather the real point is not external (money) but internal. They should be as they were (or should have been)...