Class One. Mesiras Nefesh Al Kidush Hashem is higher than teaching Halacha to all generations. The example of the Beis Yosef, The connection to the Rebbe’s father. The significance of the level of Torah called Halacha.  

Class Two. More on the benefit for the many from the mesiras Nefesh Al kidush Hashem of one. The idea that everything has a lesson in Avoda, (how this ties into the generations of the Previous Rebbe and the Rebbe). Page 106.  

Class Three. The story of the letter that went unanswered because the Frierdike Rebbe felt it had no relevance to the one asking the question in Avoda. We must do iskafia. It is equal to the ‘Chosid Sorfun’ mesiras nefesh and we cannot put one ahead of the other. Only introspection truly makes a mentsch....

Class Four. It is important for everyone, even those sacrificing for others to have an aspect of introspection or all they do may become Gaava and Klipa. Page 107-8.  

Class Five. Wanting Moshaich for the fulfillment of the divine purpose is the idea of moshiach coming ‘behesech hadaas’. Page 109-110.  

Class Six. Cont. 1) Hesech Hada’as (higher than anything man can da’as [connect] to), 2) Wanting Moshiach for Torah (means Lishma). 3) The RaMbaM and Kabbalah. Page 110.  

Class Seven. The Menucha of Shabbos is higher even than the idea of going from strength to strength, even after Moshiach comes! Page 110-111.  

Class Eight. Menucha means Torah Lishma, three ideas. Page 111.  

Class Nine. Hesech HaDa’as. Why tell us about something we cannot internalize. Page 111-13.  

Class Ten. Hesech HaDa’as cont. We’re not holding by hesech HaDa’as, but we study and think about it and since this is the best we can do it is considered as if we were in fact Masiach Da’as. The Niggun Ani ma’amin and the K’doshim. Page 113-14.  

Class Eleven. Going out of one’s limits can also be controlled (and limited.) ‘God makes a living, we live. When everyone agrees that we are joyous on a Yahrtzeit, when it is on Shabbos. Page 114-15.