Class One. Page 129-130. after the arrest and Liberation the true and full ChaBaD was revealed.  

Class Two. Page 130-1. Showing love to those (Misnagdim) who hate you, may bring them closer to learning Chassidus.  

Class Three. Page 131-2. Knowing Hashem will Liasid Lavo be universal. Joy.

Class Four. Page 138-40. If the Alter Rebbe would have been in an earlier time he would have been greater. But in him this was different than in others, as in him this went past him to others who received from him.

Class Five. Page 145-7. Whatever we see in the world comes from Torah but it gets distorted as it descends from holiness to non-holiness The issue of “a Center”.  

Class Six. Page 147-8. The problems with centralizing Tzedakos cont.  

Class Seven. Page 148-9. What a Center means in holiness that we cannot afford to go from the periphery to the center we must go from the center to the periphery.

Class Eight. Page 155-7. The Maggid’s yahrzeit is also Yud Tes Kislev. The Torah he said days before his passing on the Possuk Chazon Ovadia, That through Ovad (work) one can see Yud Hai even in Golus.  

Class Nine. Page 157-8. The lesson that all moneys must be made available that children (in America) should learn Torah in America comfortably and with no worry. The reward on the supporter can bring one to divine inspiration as it brought Ovadia.

Class Ten. Only when Tov LaShamayim (spiritually good) is joined together with Tov LaBriyos (materially good) is the Yiddishkeit really “Tov” (good).

Class Eleven. The centrality of the Farbrengen time in people’s lives, though it is only a small percentage of all that they do.