Class One. Page 108-110. 1) A year has all kinds of changes. 2) A thirty year cycle has all types of changes within changes. So we take stock of the last thirty years since these new strengths were given to us and feel inadequate, but C”V not depressed. We are motivated like the Ba’al Teshuva...

Class Two. Page 110-111. Continued.

Class Three. Page 111-113. At seventeen his father saw the Frierdiker Rebbe as fit to be a Rebbe. His qualifications to be Rebbe: 1) He inherited it. 2) His own personal greatness. 3) He and his father were one. The lesson for us: when one has so great a head, much more is expected from...

Class Four. Page 113-114. Conclusion and lesson.

Class Five. Page 114. Beginning of the Sicha on Limudai Chol, understanding the Rabeiim’s incredible tolerance and acceptance. Even those whom the Torah advocates hating, we find a way to love based on the principle of יתמו חטאים ולא חוטאים.

Class Six. Page 114-115. The love, though unconditional, brings them closer to the Torah rather than the other way around. G-d forbid to change the Torah to accommodate anyone.

Class Seven. Page 115-116. When going down to elevate sparks there is a Mesiras Nefesh involved, One protects himself through his attchedness to his Rebbe, following his directives rather than coming up with his own ideas.

Class Eight. Page 116- 118. The idea of letting certain aspects of ChaBaD principles temporarily go is compared to a sick person living in a hospital; it is critical that the person never conclude that the treatment he gets as a sick person is the way it is normally. Even Doctors must be wary not...

Class Nine. Page 118- 119. Being careful to keep a healthy attitude. This need to not start believing that illness is wellness must also be underscored when it comes to mental health and mental health practitioners.

Class Ten. Page 119-121. These points need the most reinforcement in the land of the free, where people think they can do whatever they want. It is a huge effort to get people to realize the personal responsibility they carry to be “healthy” and not “sick”.

Class Eleven. Page 131. Hiskashrus a Neshama matter (introduction to the Sicha).

Class Twelve. Page 131-3. Hiskashrus should (therefore) be in all aspects of oneself.