Class One. Page 45-6. כרע שכב כארי וכלביא מי יקימנו We are -in Golus- laying and no one can raise us but even then we are a lion. מי Hashem Himself will raise us.

Class Two. Page 46-8. Miracles always occur but once in a while they are so blatant as to smash the concealment of Golus. Like 12 Tamuz!

Class Three. Page 48-50. The birth of a Rabbinic “דברי קבלה” holiday takes time to determine if the people can handle the new גזירה. Examples of Chanuka and even of Purim. This will (of course) tie into 12 Tamuz.

Class Four. Page 50-52. The same happened 12 Tamuz it took a year to establish it as a Yom Tov But once established it is a must on all those who endorsed it and under the category of לא תסור מכל אשר יורוך

Class Five. Page 60-62, 63. About the Shluchim going to Eretz Yisroel (after the event of after Pesach) representing every one here.

Class Six. Page 62-3. Shlichus has levels according to Niglah, but in Chassidus certainly the highest level is attained.

Class Seven. Page 63-6. It’s about spreading Chassidus.