Class One. Page 97-8. Avrohom, even as a King traveled to people to do his work, the lesson for us.

Class Two. Page 99-100. Example for this: The expectation of the Sanhedrin to go to the people, and the liability they carried for the people’s largest sins if they didn’t.

Class Three. Page 100-103. Running to the country, how unrewarding unpleasant it is, but one must conform, to the social pressures.

Class Four. Page 103-6. Go but why be passionate about it? A Jew’s passions are in Yiddishkeit.

Class Five. Page 106-9. The Avoda Zara Tamuz and women. Not to be overwhelmed with the Parnassa concerns. Parnassa is frequently not what it seems.

Class Six. Page 109-111. The Rabbeiim prioritize action and the work of those Chassidim who are involved in action. This means in affect celebrating youth and the youthfulness of the elders as well.

Class Seven. Page 111-113. Continued.