Class One. Page 217-9. when a question refutes, and when a question remains unanswered, but the idea remains the same (Teyuvta and Kashya). Moshe Rabbeinu wanted to live so we fast on his Yahrtzait, RaShBI wanted to ascend so his Yahrtzait is a celebration.  

Class Two. Page 219-220. The Chassidus (Pnimiyus) behind RaShBI’s Yahrtzait being a happy day, is because he is connected to Etz HaChayim the part of the Torah where death doesn’t reach.  

Class Three. Page 220-1. All Tzadikim connected to Pnimiyus HaTorah have their Yahrtzeit celebrated as a Hilula, Histalkus, a Yom Tov.  

Class Four. Page 244-5. The story of Reb Nochum, the Alter Rebbe’s son being offered to be with the Alter Rebbe in Gan Eden for cutting off the leather collar of his new wedding outfit.  

Class Five. Page 245-6. Children and thinking of their future (regarding college, parnassa, etc)., how wrong this is. This is not education, but it is a plague that plagues the American culture.  

Class Six. Page 246-9. 1) another American disease is showing everything off. 2) Giving Tzedaka secretly to support those who will volunteer to learn Torah to defy these limitations.  

Class Seven. Page 250-2. Conclusion: people should volunteer to learn and others to support the effort ideally it should all be secret.  

Page 252-3. Also Toras Menachem vol. 7 page 336 ff. and vol 11 page 46 ff. Class Eight. As the time passes since 10 Shvat 5710 and 5711, we pass the Orlah and Revii years and move into bringing holiness into Chol. We quote from the earlier Sichos on this theme.