Class One. 10 Shvat 5712. After talking to the Bochurim about the organization ATA [Irgun Talmidei Hayeshivos], the Rebbe talks to women about the same concept. Introduction to the question of women and arvus (guarantor-ship for fellow Jews). Page 305-6.

Class Two. The question of women and Arvus. There are different levels: A) A Mitzva a woman must do and hasn’t done she can certainly do for her fellow as the Mitzva binds them, B) A Mitzva she must but has already done, her ability to do it for her fellow will depend on the...

Class Three. Conclusion: Whether women are or are not in Arvus, in this case there is an idea of Arvus towards one another for one reason or another. Page 307-8.

Class One. The idea of alumni is much truer in Kedusha (and as it relates to the infinite Torah) than in Klipa, so it must most certainly be. The name of Lubavitch stays with the person. Stories. page 315 ff.

Class Two. (including Fifth Sicha). More on alumni, once a Tomim always a Tomim at least in some aspect. The suggestion is to have two separate but contingent organizations. Page 315-8.

After Mincha the Rebbe said a few words about the “Alter Rebbetzin.” Sara Imeinu was special among the Imahos because she was actually tested (by the Pharoh in Egypt) thus revealing her greatness from the potential to the actual state. The point of creation is that all be actualized [on the level of “Poel”]. This...